What is Sparkles’ policy on stolen items?

Sales of stolen items is a breach of our Terms and Conditions and is prohibited on Sparkles.

Allegations of theft are taken extremely seriously and, once notified of potentially stolen items, Sparkles may disable either (i) disable the buy, sell, or transfer function on Sparkles, or (ii) remove any such reported items from Sparkles, in order to comply with legal requirements and to protect users.

Why is this Sparkles’ policy?

This ensures Sparkles is a safe and trusted marketplace for all users.

What should I do if my items are stolen?

Should you believe your wallet has been compromised, in the first instance you should immediately transfer any items in it to a wallet which has not been compromised. You can do directly through wallets and tools such as Bifrost Wallet, MetaMask or Songbird / Flare explorer.

You can also use the ‘Report’ button associated with your item(s) and/or profile to notify Sparkles that you believe your account has been compromised, so that we can take any action as is necessary, such as disabling your items or account.

When reporting items as stolen, you will be asked to provide a police report in relation to the stolen item within 7 days of notifying Sparkles. This is to prevent vexatious claims and false reports being made. If a police report is not provided, items will be re-enabled on Sparkles.

Once notified, our team will assess your report and identified affected items and/or accounts will be disabled on Sparkles.

if you have previously reported an item as stolen and would like to withdraw your report for any reason, please submit a ticket in our Discord so our team can assist you.

Whilst we can prevent stolen items being bought and sold using Sparkles, these items remain on the blockchain and are not in the custody of Sparkles (as explained in out Terms and Conditions). Due to this, Sparkles is unable to recover lost funds and/or NFTs that have been transferred out of your wallet. Sparkles also cannot prevent your items being transferred, bough or sold using other marketplaces, non-Sparkles services or through direct blockchain interactions.

I purchased an item which has now been reported as stolen, what should I do?

In such situations, please submit a support ticket in our Discord so our team can assist you.

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