Why do I have to 'approve' my NFT and other tokens?

Before you can carry out transactions with your NFT on the Sparkles marketplace, you will first need to grant permission for ('approve') the Sparkles marketplace smart contract to interact with your NFT on the blockchain.

Some functions of Sparkles may require you to use a different payment token, for example 'Make Offer', require you to use Wrapped Songbird (WSGB), as you will need to 'approve' for Sparkles to be able to carry out transactions in WSGB

Similarly, some creators may accept the use of different tokens for transactions within their collection (such as S-Assets and F-Assets when available), and again you may need to 'approve' their use by Sparkles.

This ensures that you can list your NFT for sale on the Sparkles marketplace, and sell your NFT in your chosen assets, in a safe and ‘trustless’ manner through the blockchain and smart contracts.

In the sense of blockchain and smart contracts, the trustless system is a good thing, as it means your ability to trust it does not depend on the intentions of any particular party (e.g. a buyer, or a seller), which could be arbitrarily malicious.

Transacting trustlessly through the blockchain on the Sparkles marketplace removes this risk.

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