What is a wallet and why do I need one?

Think of your crypto wallet as a digital form of your physical wallet.

You probably keep important things that are important to you (such as money, ID, family photos) in your physical wallet.

Your crypto wallet does the same thing, but on the blockchain.

Your wallet has an ‘ID’ (a long sequence of letters and numbers), which keeps your cryptocurrencies safe as well as any NFTs you may have made or purchased with those cryptocurrencies.

When you create a new crypto wallet, you will get a ‘seed phrase’, which is a series of words that allow you to recover access to your wallet should this ever be lost.

Anyone who has your seed phrase is able to gain full access to your crypto wallet, so it is important that you NEVER GIVE YOUR SEED PHRASE TO ANYONE and you keep it safe and secure.

To interact with the blockchain and transact with cryptocurrencies and NFTs on Sparkles, you’ll need to connect your wallet to log in and sign transactions.

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